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Got It


Supporting Designers 

to Present Efficiently 

and Confidently


Fall 2018–Fall 2019


Brand Identity, Print,

Event Design, Digital Design






Explore a chosen topic that identifies a real-world 

issue and defines the problem. Through a year-long 

process, distill information, conduct research, analyze 

strategies and develop a solution through a design 

approach. The solution will reach its intended audience 

across multiple design platforms that demonstrate 

design thinking and practices.


“Got It” is a brand that helps designers prepare and 

practice professional presentations. This project is divided 

into three parts—an app that helps designers exercise 

and practice essential presentation skills step-by-step;

a workshop that assists them to learn presentation skills 

and gives them opportunities to practice with peers; 

and a website that generates experiences and suggestions 

from design experts and presentation pros to encourage 

and inspire designers.

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