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Blank Space Filled


Revealing the Unexpected 

Connections That 

Stay with Us Forever


Fall 2018


Brand Identity,

Print & Packaging Design,

Digital Design


Poster, 30x40 Inches

Catalog, 8x12 Inches

Advertisement, Tickets

Soundtrack, Website


Create promotional collateral for a film festival for a chosen movie director. Extract a theme that ties together all of the director’s selected films. Conceptualize it into a visual system and coordinate a complex set of materials as a whole.


To convey the importance of the journey of spiritual satisfaction, I largely used gloomy blue to render a lonely and empty atmosphere, and used yellow as a pop color to suggest the shimmer in life. To create a feeling of solitude and disconnectedness, I used wall texture and acrylic board to deliver the feeling of an empty room. I also brought a blurry effect to the acrylic board to show the misunderstanding between people and places.

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